Marketing Management Issues in Ambulatory Health Care

Marketing Management Issues in Ambulatory Health Care

di Charles Schewe (Autore), Robert Sweeney (Autore)
Lingua: Inglese


Here is the most valuable information on the application of theoretical and practical marketing concepts to gerontological health care services. Marketing Management Issues in Ambulatory Health Care features a cross-section of chapters focusing on a wide variety of health care issues and the management of the marketing function in ambulatory health care markets. This helpful volume is comprised of empirical research-based articles which demonstrate the most effective strategies for researching and marketing health services for the aging. This book will help you utilize the most effective marketing strategies for bringing ambulatory health care services to elderly patients. Some of today’s most critical health issues are addressed in this volume, including information on conducting marketing research with elderly patients, gaining proactive preventive treatment breast examinations from women, understanding patient buying behavior, and controlling mechanisms to improve health care effectiveness and efficiency.

Health care professionals involved in marketing as well as faculty in school of public health and hospital administration programs will benefit from the provocative ideas for the marketing of ambulatory health care service found in this important book.Among the important topics covered in this thought-provoking book are methods for measuring patient satisfaction and quality control of health care services, the assessment of demand for health care membership programs, how to estimate relevant markets for particular services, and other pertinent marketing management activities, including some unique ideas never before treated in the literature of this field.

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